Reiki - The Sacred Gift of Conscious Healing...
Attunement to the Reiki frequency will awaken a deeper level of awareness and connection with your Source. Reiki opens the way for integration and balance of body, mind and spirit on all levels: Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

Reiki can be used
on yourself, friends, family, pets, plants, food, businesses, places, things and much more. It can be useful in facilitating healing in cases of chronic pain, backache, headache, arthritis, auto-immune dysfunctions, chronic fatigue, planetary healing ...

The classes are life transforming.

The purpose of the Reiki classes is to rewire and fine tune your energy field. This will allow you to experience an increased and increasing level of energy to promote healing in yourself and others.

Reiki First Degree
You'll learn the history of this ancient laying-on-of-hands healing art, trust in your own innate abilities and proper hand positions. You will also receive 4 attunements that activate your Reiki energy and align your upper 4 chakras. Following the attunements there will often be a 21-day adjustment period in which people may experience very subtle to very profound shifts in perception and awareness.

Reiki Second Degree
In this class you'll receive 3 ancient symbols (keys) and learn how to use them to multiply your energy, clear hidden issues and do distance healings. This is a more conscious form of Reiki - it stimulates the development of the pituitary, which is the center of intuition. You'll receive 2 attunements balancing your yin/yang, right/left brain hemispheres, male/female energy.

Reiki Master Therapist
In this class you will receive the fourth symbol and its function. There will be 1 attunement which aligns all chakras and that will allow you to work in the Reiki Master frequency. It is recommended that you are adept at using the Reiki II symbols before taking this class. You no longer do Reiki - you are Reiki!

Reiki Master Teacher
In this class you'll learn how to use the symbols to attune and activate a student's energy, how to teach all levels of classes and initiate fellow Masters.

Many take Reiki I and II together especially if that person is already experienced with energy work as part of their healing practice. Some people desire to work with and become more familiar with Reiki I before proceeding to Reiki II.

Rhonda is a Registered Advanced Instructor of Ortho-Bionomy®, Spiritual Counselor and Healing Facilitator. She combines her years of education and experience to assist in awakening in her clients and students their own natural abilities in transforming stress and tension into Balance and Harmony.

Erin is an Herbalist and Aromatherapist. After extensive research and personal experience Mark has developed a line of aromatherapy candles which may assist in various healing processes. Mark brings a refreshing balance of energy to his teaching.

Rhonda and Erin's Reiki lineage is Great Spirit, Dr. Usui, Dr. Hayashi, Mrs. Takata, Fran Brown, Glenda Rye, Nancy Sarrat, Rhonda Gerych, Erin Gerych.

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